Here’s a montage of TV interviews & reviews about Just Push Play from CBC TV, WestCoast and Rogers Cable

Samples from the Press (Radio & Print):

“A fascinating example of interactive theatre which shows some remarkable ingenuity.  The effect is to create various technological layers (using) modern technology to expand the possibilities for interaction.”
   —The Globe and Mail

“(Just Push Play) removes the barrier between audience and actor.”
   —The Arts Report, C.B.C. Radio

“… A walkabout of discovery … somewhere along the route I realized that the (play) had managed to make me do something that I’m usually too busy or preoccupied to even consider.  It had never occurred to me before that I spend more time than seems right being oblivious to the very city I live in.”
   –The Vancouver Sun

“…The ultimate in audience participation theatre…it draws you into contemporary urban issues, placing audiences  in  an  environment and giving them the means to explore it…It has a film feel, your eye becomes the camera directed to observe certain details.”
   —The Province

“The entire city is the theatre…intriguing and lots of fun.”
   —The Afternoon Show, C.B.C. Radio

“The best summer theatre going … it’s intelligent, involving and fun … a highly enjoyable dip into the ambiance of the city … well prepared, engineered and performed.”
   —The Courier

“(It’s a) novel and up-to-date idea… The neat thing about it is, as entertaining as the piece is, that it also gives you a bit of history about it … You can’t help but to start to think about the city you’re looking at in a different way…It does make you think about preserving the heritage of our culture.”
   —Prime Time, C.B.C.  Radio

“(A) radically unusual and cost effective way of taking theatre to  the streets …  I loved the fact that the creators gave me a new frame through which to view Vancouver;  …  a secret experience right in the middle of downtown; and …challenged me with a new form.  Absolutely the best was having the street transformed into a playful fiction with serious implications… Whatever direction Just Push Play takes, my ears and feet will be ready to follow them.”
   —The Georgia Straight