Trail Tales

In the Spring of 1999, we released a new play, specifically designed for English as a Second Language schools, and set in an area where urban renewal and development would not shorten the play’s life. Just Push Play’s Artistic Directors chose the trails of Vancouver’s Stanley Park as the location for TRAIL TALES.

Written by George Bathgate and Craig Laven, with the assistance of ESL teachers, this 50 minute cassette-directed trek followed the path from Prospect Point to Third Beach. Along the way, students enjoyed the magic of AudioMotion while learning about local history and lore, First Nations legends of Stanley Park and Siwash Rock, the coastal rainforest and the poetry it has inspired by such notables as Pauline Johnson

TRAIL TALES came complete with an extensive teachers’ guidebook and a variety of lesson plans incorporating popular Vancouver themes  (First Nations, local history, the rainforest)

A separate binder contained ready-to-photocopy student exercises and transparencies for use with an overhead projector. Available as a complete kit (Walkmans, tapes, guidebooks, teaching tapes, activity binders all in a carrycase), TRAIL TALES ran until late 2006 when a windstorm destroyed that part of the park in which TRAIL TALES was set.

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