The 1812 Event

After a several year break from the joy of creating Audiomotion plays, Co-Artistic Director Craig Laven was struck with a creative thought…an irresistible urge to single-handedly (ok…with some technical, artistic and admin. support) produce a play to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812…in 2012…when else!


Craig brought Just Push Play into the 21st Century with an update to our technology. Gone were cassettes & their requisite Walkmans, in favour of  downloadable MP3 Podcast Files, Smartphones and Flashmobs…here is a fun video of that day on Granville Island

As Craig explained in his playful promotional blurb, The 1812 Event was a:

“A free, half-hour, one-time-only, podcast-directed, non-violent, public, participatory, commemoration of The War of 1812. Even more fun than the actual War of 1812!”

And it was! As this well-attended photo will attest…if only all disputes could be settled thusly! 🙂

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