JPP’s Artistic Directors wrote and produced our first play of 1991, called SCOOP —  an AudioMotion science-fantasy, set on Granville Island. The “cassette guide, narrator and storyteller” is a newspaper reporter who

receives a tip about an impending ecological disaster.  The reporter (and the audience) finds a way to use his Walkman to communicate with the local eco-system. This begins their journey around Granville Island, discovering the lesser known parts of the Island while exploring humanity’s relationship with the environment. Along the way they meet Mother Earth, The Spirit of Life, and the elements Air and Water.  SCOOP opened in July 1991, operated from the Granville Island Information Centre, and ran until October 1998, when many of the landmarks crucial to the story were moved or changed.  SCOOP was also available in French.  A portion of SCOOP’s box office proceeds were donated to Global ReLeaf, for the planting of trees (not only a good thing to do, but a vital part of SCOOP’s plot as well).

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