We are extremely grateful that we have been able to share in the time and talents that these individuals were able to give to Just Push Play Theatre – many on a volunteer basis! Our thanks to all of you!

Narrators/Voice Actors:  Brent Applegath, Catherine Mead, Darryl Denis Deagan, David Hopp, David McCombie, Ellen Kennedy-White, Gordon Murray, Jamie Stewart, Janet Morris-Reade, John R. Taylor, Lee Van Paassen, Michele Koebke, Patrick Maloughney, Ron Chartier, Sarah Rodgers, Tricia Wunsch, Frank Ferrucci, Sheri-D Wilson, and George & Craig

Photographers: Jordy Birch, Natasha Moric and Noel Delahunt

Playwrights:  David McCombie, Earle Peach, Jamie Stewart, Leslie Mildiner, Vanessa Ann Lowe, and Craig & George

Graphic Designers:  Arlene Cotter, Doug Westhaver, Kris Klaasen, Mike McKinnel,and Craig & George

Audio Engineers:  Allan Stanleigh, Bobbi Kozinuk, Peter Courtemanche, Tom Keenlyside, and Craig

Box Office Managers:  Dean Hurcomb, Debbie Rexin, and Judy Lee

Composers/Musicians: Dale Darlington and Jack Ognistoff

Curriculum Development/ESL Consultant: Jack Ognistoff

French Production: Jeanne Landry and Lisa Parsonson

French Translation: Monique Giard

French Narrators: Christian Bernard, Helene Deggan, and Pierre Beaudoin

...and a host of others who have dedicated their Time, Talent & Energy in support of Just Push Play: Adine Day, Andrew Todd, Anne Tasker Austin Perry, Beer, Ben Banky, Brewery Creek Historical Society, Brice MacNeil, Bruce MacDonald, Charles Christopherson, Charles Finley, Claude Douglas, Dave Card, Deborah Gibson, Don Chow, Don Luxton, Elaine Wright, Eric Pattison, Fringe Volunteers, Gavin Ross, Glen Alteen, Grunt Gallery, H.T.I. Media, Hank Bull & Kate Craig, James McEachern, Joanna Maratta, Jon Steeves, Margaret Mason, Mark Savard, Noise, Normal Art Society, Pat McSherry, Paul Graham, Peter Anderson, Rudy Bootsma, Ruth Coleman (Bristol England), Sandy James, Stella, Susan Buckley, Susan Carroll, Valda Vidners, WestCoast Audio Visual, Western Front,  Willem de Ridder & The Radio Art Foundation (Amsterdam), Yardley McNeill and Zev Laven!