1989 – 2019… Celebrating 30 Years of AudioMotion!

A 30 year Anniversary is – to my mind – a special occasion. It’s known as “The Pearl Anniversary” to those who are fortunate enough to celebrate 30 years of matrimonial togetherness – bliss or otherwise.

When Co-Artistic Director, Craig Laven and I embarked on this journey 30 years ago we – of course – had no idea where our efforts would lead us.  Recently, prior to our annual AGM, it occurred to me that it would be a nice homage to Just Push Play and Craig’s and my efforts over the years to update our website. I wanted to modernize the design with a nice WordPress template and expand the website from it’s two page Word doc format to include some video footage of TV interviews and new graphics & photos that have not previously been seen. As I’ve gone through this redesign it’s brought me back in touch with all the fabulously talented people we worked with to make our plays possible, and it’s reminded me of the joyous creative process we were engaged in with each production, and how seemingly effortless and fun it has always been to work with Craig – he’s a true Mensch!

George Bathgate 

Co-Artistic Director, Just Push Play Audiomotion Theatre

April 6, 2019

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