“1989 – 2019… Celebrating 30 Years of AudioMotion!”

JPP’s Unique Medium: AudioMotion

AudioMotion Works, or audio-directed theatre pieces, are orchestrated, exploratory adventures, which make use of pre-designed, recordings and portable audio players to direct the audience on a real-time journey through the urban landscape.  The audience interacts with, and is engaged by, their physical surroundings, discovering new and subtle details of this familiar setting,  observing and meditating on their environment in a new way.  Drawing from the traditions of radio drama, conventional theatre, storytelling and directional walking tours, AudioMotion provides a participatory theatre experience.

Unlike conventional theatre (or cinema) the audience is not a passive viewer.  Listeners are active participants in the story, becoming the lead actor.  Similar to cinema, AudioMotion directs the audience’s eye (making the participant the camera), while making aural commentary on these scenes.  Although the recording directs the audience and provides them with the storyline and the other characters, the listeners are in ultimate control of their AudioMotion experience:  the play begins at the audience’s discretion, and intermission can be taken whenever the audience members desire.  To take a break, the listeners press  Stop; to begin, they Just Push Play.